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AUDAC ARES5A/W - aktywny zestaw głośników 2 x 40W kolor biały

Netto: 697,64 zł
Brutto: 858,10 zł

Producent: PVS
EAN: 5414795045514
Wysyłka:48 godzin
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"The ARES5A is a 2-way active speaker system consisting of an active and passive unit to be linked witch each other. It offers an easy and flexible solution for a wide variety of applications, producing a clear and powerful sound. The integrated amplifier can deliver a power of 2 x 40 Watt and includes a stereo line input which is implemented balanced and unbalanced, allowing convenient connection to any kind of audio source. Unbalanced audio sources are connected through a 3.5 mm jack connector, while balanced sources can be connected to the terminal block input connection allowing long signal runs without interference. A volume potentiometer allows the user to adjust the level of loudness while the two-band tone control allows equalization of treble and bass. The auto-standby mode reduces power consumption when no input signal is detected. The active speaker includes a stereo amplifier module, also delivering the input signal to the passive unit. A specially designed bracket system allows close to wall installation of the speakers, while the recessed bracket structure guarantees an optimal cosmetic outlook of the system. A remote input connection implemented through an RJ45 connector allows wall panel connections, allowing expansion of the system through remote input modules. A variety of optional remote input units with different input possibilities is available."
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